Granite Monument

Finest Natural Stone

Sivanya Import & Export manufacture your headstone design to your precise request, giving your monument the care and attention it rightfully deserves. We use only the best grade of monumental granite from quarries throughout the world and unconditionally guarantee our products.

Remembering your loved ones and family, commemorating years of friendship and achievements, to cherish the memories of the loved ones is a responsibility passed onto us from those who have left us. Sivanya Granites is acutely conscious of importance of long lasting moments in every one’s life which can now be a transformed to reality with granite monuments, mausoleums, markers, memorials & statues. With Sivanya Granites memories can now be sculpted into bold, original, and ingenious custom monuments and pet memorials which the rest of the world will view with dignity and solemnity.

We offer beautiful black granite monuments, graceful tombstones, Upright Monuments, Grass Markers, Slants, Pillows and dignified Mausoleums in various colors. Accomplished sculptors will deftly design monuments with amazing acuteness in a wide range of colors and designs. Granite monuments created with the sole intention to keep the memories of the dear ones perpetual and eternal.

Apart from all the above we proudly offer Customized Monuments, which are inventive and sensitive and are wonderful and delightful to see. We respect the Monuments we make because we realize we are making Monuments that will last forever and bring back sweet memories. We at Sivanya Granites assure you that the dramatic, picturesque Monuments we make will surely make your loved ones proud of you.

We offer a rich and extensive assortment of Granite Blocks which are best suited for monuments and memorials which are versatile and eloquent and of various size and color.

Full Service Monuments / Memorials

Your monument is manufactured and installed by a company with complete facilities. Sivanya Monuments will deliver your memorial, complete in every detail from original design to final erection in the cemetery. From quarry to cemetery, no other company handles a Sivanya Monument. There are no brokers, middlemen or wholesale manufacturers to deal with.

Sivanya Monuments is a family owned company that specializes in:

  • Monuments
  • Headstones
  • Flat markers
  • Bronze markers
  • Columbariums
  • Mausoleums
  • Pet markers
  • And other cemetery accessories, including benches and vases

Sivanya Monument Works | We Make Monuments

Sivanya Monument Works is dedicated to the service of our community, offering compassionate support in helping families honor their loved ones. With artisanal-crafted memorials, our team creates distinctive pieces of art showcasing your loved one’s personal legacy. We we pride ourselves in caring for personal, community, and historic monuments to restore pieces of personal history.

Creating a beautiful monument that endures begins with creative and insightful design. Our team of craftsmen and designers at Sivanya Monument Works in Cleburne, Texas work with customers to understand their treasured memories and desired features to bring their dreams to reality. Close communication with our staff ensures that your final memorial is a true testament that will last a lifetime.

Communities and veteran’s organizations look to Sivanya Monument Works for guidance, expertise, and unique designs to hone those who have served. We take great care in crafting and building memorials in Johnson County, Texas that are designed to recognize and remember those who have served with the armed forces and first responder positions. Those that serve our country deserve unique recognition for their sacrifice and valor which we believe can be memorialized in an enduring and unique monument.


Monuments are for the commemoration of the memory of someone. Technology has offered us the ability to create a more personalized memorial, if a traditional skill has to go in creating a traditional value; Sivanya retains a host of skilled artisans to offer you the best of artistic designs.

Our State-of-the-art Manufacturing & Processing Unit

  • Heat-, scratch- and stain-resistant
  • Available in a wide range of colors
  • Available in a variety of finish options including customized options
  • Low lifecycle costs due to durability and low maintenance
  • Green building material with an enduring life cycle

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